taking your brand global
We provide comprehensive service ranging from idea generation, overall planning to on-site implementation. Based on clients’ demand, target, market environment, strategy and target market’s feature, we will propose most relevant subject and communication materials, design optimum event proposal, implement strict on-site details tracking and procedure control to guarantee the actualization of clients’ target and concept through the event.

Our team’s creativity, innovation and outstanding operation skill will be permeated in the whole event to ensure the great success of your event and the achievement of your business target.

CB Team


Brand management
We manage your brand, develop champions who advocate your institution, create communications that build your identity and foster collaborative partnerships. We ensure you are constantly in the news.From key message development to drafting press releases and conducting media outreach, we have the perfect formula to keep people talking about your business for years.

When you want to reach the appropriate marketplace, customers & audience, you want one company that has excellence, experience, resources and strong network to help you succeed..

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